R-D Zone

R-D Zone or Duplex Residential Zone
The R-D zone provides low density multiple dwelling areas compatible with single-family dwelling areas and with development standards assuring those amenities provided for in the single-family residential zone.

Find Zoning Requirements
Go to Chapter 29, Article IV, Division 5 of the Town Code to check the Zoning Requirements for R-D Zone or Duplex Residential Zone, or you may contact the Town of Los Gatos Community Development Department. Please supply the following information:
  • Street Address
  • Nearest Cross Street
  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) if available
Lot Size Requirements
The minimum lot area in the R-D or duplex residential zone is eight thousand (8,000) square feet. 

Permitted Uses in R-1 Zones
The following uses are permitted in a R-D or duplex residential zone:
  • Single-family dwelling.
  • Two-family dwelling.
  • Small family day care home.
  • Residential care facility, small family home.
Minimum Lot Frontage & Depth Requirements
Frontage (Interior lot/Corner)  Depth 
60' / 80' 100’

  • The minimum frontage for a lot on a cul-de-sac bulb is 30' with a 60' minimum width;
  • The minimum depth of lots facing or backing freeways, arterials, railroad rights-of-ways, schools, or parks is 125';
  • The frontage for lots on the outside of a street curve with a deflection angle of 75 degrees or more may be reduced to 30' depending on the radius of the curve.
Minimum Setback Requirements for Principle Buildings

Front  Side Rear Street 
25' 8’ 20’ 15’

Height Requirements
The maximum height of any principle building in the R-D Zone is 30' from the natural or finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile, to the uppermost point of the roof edge, wall, parapet, mansard, or other point directly above that grade.

Note: The maximum height for accessory buildings is 15', measured from natural of finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile. Please contact the Planning Department for further questions.

Lot Coverage
The maximum building coverage, including any type of accessory buildings, is 40%.

Other Requirements
For Development Standards, see the Town of Los Gatos Residential Design Guidelines for all Single-Family and Two-Family Dwellings in all zones except the Resources Conservation and Hillside Residential Zones.