R-1D Zone

R-1D Zone or Single-Family Residential Downtown Zone

The Single-Family Residential Downtown Zone applies to areas adjacent to the central business district generally developed in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The R-1D Zone provides a means to preserve and rehabilitate architecturally and historically valuable structures and neighborhoods.

Find Zoning Requirements

Go to Chapter 29, Article IV, Division 7 of the Town Code to check the Zoning Requirements for R-1D Zone or Single-Family Residential Downtown Zone, or you may contact the Town of Los Gatos Community Development Department. Please supply the following information:
  • Street Address
  • Nearest Cross Street
  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) if available

Lot Size Requirements

The minimum lot area for a lot in a R-1D Zones shall be the following:
  • Single Family Dwelling ... 5,000 square feet
  • Two-Family Dwelling ... 8,000 square feet

Permitted Uses in R-1D Zones

The following uses are permitted in a R-1D Zone:
  • Single-family dwelling (Maximum 1 principle residential building on a lot)
  • Two-family dwelling (Maximum 1 principle residential building on a lot)
  • Small family day care home
  • Residential care facility, small family home
  • Continued use of multiple-family dwellings that lawfully existed at the time the property was rezoned to R-1D
  • ** Additional uses may be allowed if a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is approved. Please contact the Planning Department for further information.

Minimum Setback Requirements

  • Front ... 15'
  • Side ... 5'
  • Street Side ... 10' (if applicable)
  • Rear ... 20'

Height Requirements

The maximum height of any principle building in the R-1D Zone is 30' from the natural or finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile, to the uppermost point of the roof edge, wall, parapet, mansard, or other point directly above that grade.

Architecture and Site Application Requirements

Architecture and site approval is required for construction of a new single-family dwelling, 2-family dwelling, conversion of a single-family dwelling to a 2-family, and additions to any 2-family dwelling and to any nonconforming multifamily dwelling in a R-1D zone.

Note: Minor Residential application is required for new second story additions, addition greater than 100 sq. ft. to existing second story, reconstruction of a portion of a single or two-family dwelling with a nonconforming setback, accessory structure exceeding 450 square feet, reduction in side/rear yard setbacks for an accessory structure.

Design Review Considerations

Your proposal's design will be reviewed for the following factors:
  • Height in relation to adjacent structures
  • Building materials
  • Colors
  • Appearance of building facade facing the street in terms of its resemblance to a single-family dwelling
  • The inclusion of architectural features such as bay windows and front porches for compatibility with the design of other structures in the immediate neighborhood
  • All new structures, additions and remodels proposed in the R-1D zone shall be designed to achieve architectural harmony with the surrounding structures.

Other Requirements

For Development Standards, see the Town of Los Gatos Residential Design Guidelines.
Many properties that are zoned R-1D have a Landmark-Historic Preservation (LHP) overlay zone. If your property is zoned R-1D:LHP, please contact the Planning Division for further information about Historic District requirements.