RC Zone

RC Zone - Resource Conservation Zone

The Resource Conservation zone is intended to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Los Gatos. The RC zone provides a means to protect open space, special land forms, scenic areas, watershed, wildlife and vegetation. The RC zone also restricts access to and within designated areas, restricts the intensity of development, limits residential density, reduces fire hazards in the hillside areas, and provides for opens space in the form of parks, playgrounds, and other community facilities.

Find Zoning Requirements

You may contact the Town of Los Gatos Planning Department. Please supply the following information:
  • Street Address
  • Nearest Cross Street
  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) if available

Permitted Uses in RC Zones

The following uses are permitted in a RC zone:
  • Single-family dwelling (no more than 1 principle residential structure per lot)
  • Agriculture (except dairying)
  • Botanical conservatory
  • Small family day care home
  • Residential care facility, small family home
  • ** Additional uses may be allowed if a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is approved. Please contact the Planning Department for further information.

Lot Size Requirements

The minimum lot area in the RC zone is 20 acres.

Minimum Setback Requirements

  • Front ... 30'
  • Side ... 20'
  • Rear ... 25'
  • Street Side ... 20'

Height Requirements

The maximum height of a principle building in the RC zone is 30'. The maximum height for accessory building is 15' (measured from natural or finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile, to the uppermost point of the roof edge, wall parapet, mansard, or other point directly above that grade).

Landscaping Requirements

Landscaping must be consistent with the intent of the RC zone. Existing natural vegetation and land formations must remain in a natural state unless modification is found to be necessary for a specific use allowed through Architecture and Site approval.

Remote Area Access Requirements

Roadways and trails for vehicles can be constructed only with Architecture and Site approval if the deciding body makes the following findings:

The proposed roadway or trail is indispensable for an activity allowed in the RC zone
The roadway or trail will be compatible with the terrain.

Other Requirements

For Development Standards, see the Hillside Development Standards & Guidelines.