CH Zone

CH Zone Highway Commercial Zone

The restricted Highway Commercial zone is intended for vehicular oriented uses and sales along highway frontages, intermingled with compatible retail, service and administrative activities.

Find Zoning Requirements

You may contact the Town of Los Gatos Planning Department. Please supply the following information:
  • Street Address
  • Nearest Cross Street
  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) if available

Permitted Uses in CH Zones

The following uses are permitted in a CH zone:
  • Retailing
  • Personal service businesses
  • Service businesses necessary for the conduct of households
  • Office uses
  • Limited manufacturing uses when the majority of sales are made, on site, to the ultimate consumer
** Additional uses may be allowed if a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is approved. Please contact the Planning Department for further information.

Examples of proper CH uses
  • Apparel stores, Launderettes/dry cleaning agencies, Drugstores, Barbershops, Appliance repair shops, Offices
Examples of improper CH uses
  • Palmists/Soothsayers, manufacturing/Wholesaling, Laundry or dry-cleaning plants
Note: Uses that will unreasonably interfere with nearby residential uses are not allowed in a C-1 zone.

Lot Size Requirement

There is no minimum lot area requirement in the CH zone.

Minimum Setback Requirements

  • Front ... 15 feet
  • Side ... None
  • Rear ... None
  • Street Side ... 15 feet
Lots in CH zones that abut or are across the street from a lot in a residential zone must comply with the following minimum yard requirements:
  • Front ... 25 feet
  • Side / Street Side ... 15 feet
  • Rear ... 20 feet
*Plus 1 foot for each foot a building exceeds 20 feet in height. A 6 foot high masonry wall is also required along the property line (8 feet high masonry wall is permitted if both parties agree).

Height Requirements

The maximum height of a principle building in the CH zone is 35' (measured from the natural or finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile, to the uppermost point of the edge, wall parapet, mansard, or other point directly above that grade).

Note: Towers, spires, elevator and mechanical penthouses may be higher than the maximum height noted. Please contact the Planning Department for further information.

Lot Coverage

You may cover up to 50% of your lot, including any type of accessory building.