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Senior Services Roadmap

At the February 7, 2023 Town Council meeting, the Council unanimously voted to endorse the Senior Service Committee Roadmap.  The staff report and meeting minutes are available on the Town website and a full video recording of the Council meeting is available on the Town YouTube page 


On March 2, 2021, the Town Council held a joint session with the Community Health and Senior Service Commission (CHSSC) to hear the Commission’s goals for the coming year.   The Council indicated its strong interest in the work of the Commission in light of the inclusion of senior services as a new Council Strategic Priority for FY 2021-2023.  

Councilmembers requested that the Commission review the current senior service provision in Town and help identify any gaps that exist in senior services.  On June 15, 2021, the Town Council received the Community Health and Senior Service Commission’s (CHSSC) assessment report on senior service provision in Los Gatos.  At the conclusion of the discussion, Council provided direction to staff to return to Council with recommendations for establishing a Senior Service Committee.  

On August 3, 2021, the Town Council adopted a Resolution 2021-035 establishing a Senior Service Committee for the development of a long-term vision and plan for senior service provision in Los Gatos.

The Committee shall develop a long-term vision and strategic plan through extensive community outreach, including workshops, that would culminate in a comprehensive report of how best to serve the needs of the Town’s older adult community. The Committee should leverage the breadth of Committee membership and existing coalitions in the identification and prioritization of needs and develop recommended solutions. The Committee should take into consideration the value proposition of recommendations, estimated level of effort, potential providers and service provision models, availability and timing of service delivery, and future funding requirements.  

Committee Vision and Mission



Our vision is to create a community where older adults are engaged, valued and provided equitable opportunities to thrive in an environment that protects against isolation and promotes inclusion. 


Our mission is to provide an age-friendly community that:

  • Provides resources and facilities for older adults to live full and healthy lives with volunteer and leadership opportunities that provide a sense of purpose, connection and belonging.
  • Promotes physical activity and physical, cognitive, mental and spiritual health for socially enriching lives. 
  • Promotes adequate and healthy nutrition through community programs.
  • Embraces walkable spaces with safe, accessible and affordable transportation. 
  • Promotes increased participation and communication with the older adult community.
  • Partners with local agencies that provide services and assistance for older adults, creating a network that supports public information that delivers services in a coordinated and collaborative manner.
  • Ensures accountability by measuring and monitoring the results of our efforts to provide services for older adults.

Senior Services Roadmap Goals

On June 21, 2022, the Town Council unanimously approved the Senior Services Roadmap Goals as recommended by the Senior Service Committee:

  • Improve Communications, starting with a one-stop-shop information hub.
  • Enhance or create a new & improved Community Center.
  • Expand Social Needs & Engagement, for fun, educational and health purposes.
  • Make Transportation better, easier and accessible for all.
  • Volunteer Network.  Create a platform where people can volunteer &/or request help from volunteers.
  • Town of Los Gatos involvement to ensure longevity & consistency of services.
  • Housing needs for seniors encompasses everything from stay-in-home help; options for housing; advocacy.

Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults

As part of the Town Councils ongoing commitment to enhancing the lives of older adults in Los Gatos the Council  provided funding for the first statistically valid survey of older adults.  The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA)™ provides a statistically valid survey of the strengths and needs of older adults as reported by older adults themselves. This report is intended to enable local governments, community-based organizations, the private sector and other community members to understand more thoroughly and predict more accurately the services and resources required to serve an aging population.

CASOA survey results can be found here:


LGS Recreation launched a webpage dedicated to resources for seniors - THE HUB!

This resource page helps connect older adults to services and information. Check it out now at

If you’d like to learn more about LGS Recreation Senior Programs, please contact or (408) 354-1514

Community Health and Senior Services Gap Analysis Meetings

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May 25, 2021:

June 8, 2021:

June 22, 2021:

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