The Youth Commission Amends Smoking Ordinance

In May 2015, the Town Council approved the recommendations of the Youth Commission to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way as traditional smoking devices within the town of Los Gatos. 

At the September 8, 2015 Youth Commission meeting, the Commission prioritized drafting an ordinance that would improve the Town’s secondhand smoke and tobacco control policies as a whole. The Commission will work with Rob Schultz, Town Attorney, as well as the police department and community members.

At the October 13, 2015 Youth Commission meeting, the Commission led a discussion about amendments to the Town ordinance. Several business owners spoke under public comment about the need for a more stringent smoking ordinance that would ban smoking in the downtown area.

The Commission came to a consensus that they would like to restrict smoking:

  • in all public areas 20 ft from buildings
  • from all sidewalks and buildings in the downtown area.

Mr. Schultz will take these recommendations and draft an ordinance, to be reviewed by the Commission at the November 10 meeting.