Kennedy Road Sidewalk and Class II Bike Lane

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Kennedy Road serves as an important connection between many destinations along Los Gatos Boulevard with the residential area along Kennedy Road. It is designated as a Walk and Roll to School Suggested Route and many students walk and bike to school and many residents also use the street.

There is no sidewalk on either side of Kennedy Road so pedestrians have to walk along roadway next to moving vehicles. The street is busy with traffic during the busy hours. The Town has received many complaints about the unsafe conditions, especially for the youth, the elderly and people with mobility limitations.


Pedestrian and bicyclist traveled along roadway

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A bicyclist riding on the opposite side of Kennedy Road

The Town is considering options to improve this street to provide a safer environment for all. We are looking into several design options to include sidewalks and striped bike lanes. The goal is to provide safe facilities for people who walk and bike.

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Any questions regarding the project design can be referred to the Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773 or