Capital Improvement Program

Program Summary

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive 5-year capital improvement plan designed to develop and identify projects and the associated funds required to adequately develop and maintain the town’s infrastructure and future capital projects.
A list of capital projects and a summary of their local impacts can be viewed here:  

Capital Improvement Projects

Some current and recent CIP projects are listed below. 

The Plans and Specifications shown below are for viewing only and should not be used for bidding purposes.

The Town utilizes Prints Charles Reprographics for bid management services. Prospective bidders can view plans, specifications, and plan holder’s lists at no cost via the internet at (Plan Vault) or they can purchase the plans and specifications by contacting Prints Charles at (408) 240-3330 or to become an official plan holder.

For information about specific CIP projects, contact the Parks and Public Works Department at (408) 399-5770. 

Project #816-0420 Annual Storm Drain Improvement – 62 Ellenwood Avenue

This project includes replacement of an existing 24-inch corrugated metal pipe with an18-inch HDPE smooth wall pipe from the manhole in front of 62 Ellenwood Ave to the existing outlet at the back of the property. The existing pipe has corroded and needs to be replaced. 

Project #821-2302 Corporation Yard Building Replacement Project

The project includes construction of concrete foundation pad, installation of prefabricated steel storage building, installation of new fire water line and fire sprinklers and all related site work. The prefabricated steel building is a two-section structure with one section to be an air-conditioned space. 

Project #813-0242 Downtown Employee Parking Striping And Signage

The project includes installation of banner striping and parking signage at existing parking spaces in public parking lots in Downtown Los Gatos (Base Bid).  Add Alternate work will include furnishing and installation parking signage on streets in Downtown Los Gatos with exact locations to be determined.

#21-811-9901 FY 2021/22 Street Repair and Resurfacing (Slurry Seal/Rubber Cape Seal)

The project includes adjusting utilities, installing leveling course, performing digouts, installing a rubber cape seal or slurry seal, placing new pavement stripes and marking, and associated work in the Town of Los Gatos.

#21-813-9921 FY 2021/22 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Maintenance

The project includes the repair or replacement of concrete curb, gutter, sidewalks, and driveways, retrofitting of existing curb ramps, installation of class II aggregate base, installation of new curb ramps, removal and planting of trees, striping, and associated work within the Town.

#20-813-0227 Smart Signals Field Improvements

The project includes mobilization; traffic control; installation of conduit, fiber optic communications cable, pull boxes, fiber optic splicing, termination and testing, signal interconnect cable termination, installation of networking equipment in traffic signal controller cabinets, replacement of pedestrian signal heads and traffic signal controller cabinet, installation and configuration of vehicle video image detection systems.