Highway 9/ Massol Avenue Project


Highway 9/ Massol Avenue Intersection Safety Improvements

Upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing and bicycling facilities at the Highway 9/ Massol Avenue to improve safety and promote greater walking and biking in Downtown Los Gatos and surround residential neighborhood. After the completion of a the Highway 9 Corridor Study in 2018, the Town has designed a safety improvement project, including these key components:

• Upgrade the existing flashing beacon with a Rectangular Rapidly Flashing Beacon (RRFB)
• Add "Shark Teeth" yield lines at the eastbound and westbound approaches
• Construct landscaped median island on Highway 9 west of the intersection
• Install green bike lanes on Highway 9
• Add street lights

These improvements will improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety by enhancing pedestrian crossing, encouraging speed adherence by design, increasing visibility of pedestrians and bicyclists, and enhancing lighting.

Project Update

The Town council awarded the construction contract to Tennyson Electric. Construction will begin this fall and completed by the end of this year. 

Project Background 

The Town of Los Gatos Town Council authorized the Highway 9 Corridor Study between Los Gatos Boulevard to the east and the Town limits to the west at Monte Sereno with a focus on safety and vehicle flow. The study addressed the corridors in segments with the intersection at Massol Avenue identified as a prime focus of the study.

At the August 21, 2018 meeting, the Town Council decided to move forward with the RRFB and green bike lanes. The Council also directed staff to pursue smaller grants that provide a faster return to the Town.