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Connect Los Gatos is a program of bicycle and pedestrian projects that promote connectivity and improve the multimodal network throughout the Town. The program will expand and provide safe access to key community destination points. Connect Los Gatos is aimed at making it easier and safer for all to bike and walk in Los Gatos.

Summer 2020 Active Transportation Survey 

It is exciting to see many residents taking advantage of the Town’s walking and biking facilities. The Town of Los Gatos is interested in better understanding how you are using the streets to meet your needs. The Town would also like to hear your suggestions on improvements that will make biking and walking better and safer for everyone. We would like to invite you to take this survey - it will take about five minutes and will help support current and future bike and pedestrian improvement projects throughout the Town.  

Please support our efforts by taking this Active Transportation Survey

Measure B Bike and Pedestrian Competitive Grant Award  

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that the Town has been awarded a total of $5.33 million in the Santa Clara County Measure B program to advance four Connect Los Gatos projects:

Measure B Fund Awarded 
Local Match 
Total Project Cost 
Highway 17 Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing 
Winchester Complete Streets 
Kennedy Sidewalk and Bike Lanes 
Los Gatos Creek Trail Connector 

The grant was awarded by the VTA Board on June 4th, 2020. The project’s scores determine the timeline for when the individual projects will receive Measure B funds.

The Los Gatos Creek Trail Connector, although not assigned a fund amount, is the next project to be funded. This will likely occur if other projects fall through or additional revenue is made available.

The only project that did not make the fiscally constrained list was the Highway 9/Massol Intersection Safety Improvement project. The Town will complete the construction this summer using the local funds already included in the Budget.

The awarded grants are competitive, and an excellent funding opportunity for the Connect Los Gatos Projects. The Town is thrilled to present these grant awards. 

Connect Los Gatos Public Engagement Plan 

The Connect Los Gatos Public Outreach Engagement Plan was approved by the Town Council at its March 3, 2020 meeting. The framework defines a comprehensive approach to engaging a broad segment of the public with proposed project awareness, input, feedback, and opportunities for engaged participation. 

Connect Los Gatos Public Outreach Engagement Plan

Projects Location Map

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