My car was towed or 'booted'. How do I get it back?

You may call the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department to inquire if your vehicle was towed. Please provide the police dispatcher with the license plate number of your vehicle, and the location from which you think it may have been towed. They will confirm the status of your vehicle. 


If your vehicle was stored (available for immediate release)  or impounded (held for a period of 30 days) a vehicle release must be obtained from the Police Department before the tow company will release the vehicle to you. 


In order to get a vehicle release the following conditions must be met:


  • You must be the registered or legal owner of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be currently registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 
  • You must have a valid California driver’s license or bring a licensed driver with you. If you do not have a CA Driver’s license you will need to bring identification for yourself.
  • A vehicle release fee of is required, $235.00 This fee must be paid in the form of cash or the following credit/debit cards – Visa, Master-card or Discover Card (a fee will be charged).


If you have further questions about the tow, please contact the Records Unit at 408-354-5257, during regular business hours.  After business hours, contact the non-emergency number at 408-354-8600. 

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