Street Maintenance



Public Works
The Streets Maintenance program maintains the town's infrastructure, from streets, sidewalks, and gutters to traffic signals and streetlights. Schedules for routine maintenance as well as information on how to report problems can be found below.

Street Sweeping

Public parking lots are swept at least twice per month, while public streets are swept once a month, weather permitting. Because of heavy leaf fall, street sweeping schedules for public streets vary during the months of November and December. Los Gatos no longer sweeps streets for Monte Sereno.

Requesting Repairs for Streets, Sidewalks & Gutters

Please provide the location, including cross street(s) and address, of the street-related item needing repair. Staff will be assigned to assess your request. If it is determined it needs repair, it will be added to a list (in order of priority). Repairs are usually conducted during warm weather months.

Contact staff by phone: 408-399-5770 or via email:

Notification of Street Resurfacing

For streets designated to be resurfaced, written notices will be delivered to all affected properties 10 days before construction is to begin. "No Parking" signs as well as a second written notification will be posted 48 hours in advance of street resurfacing.

Reporting a problem with a Traffic Signal

If you observe a traffic signal problem, you can report it via email or you can call the Parks and Public Works Department at 408-399-5770. If it’s an emergency, please call the Police Department Dispatch at 408-354-8600.

Please note the intersection’s street names and the type of malfunction (for instance, flashing red). Remember, treat a traffic signal light outage or flashing red signal light as a stop sign, and come to a complete stop before proceeding. Travel with caution.

Reporting a Street Light Outage

Some streetlights in Los Gatos are maintained by the town, while others are the property of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). As a rule of thumb, the streetlights on metal poles are maintained by the Town while the PG&E lights are those on wooden poles. For reporting either, please be sure to note the location of the outage as well as the streetlight pole number. After that, please report the outage to the relevant contact below.

For Metal Streetlight Poles

Please provide the street light pole number and address/location such as street name and which side of the street the pole is located so that we can advise the maintenance crew.

Please call 408-399-5770 or email us.

For Wooden Streetlight Poles

Maintained by Pacifc Gas & Electric

“Streetlights - PG&E Report Trouble” is a street light outage reporting tool from PG&E. Any customer may report problems with one or multiple street lights using PG&E’s online report system: 

Reporting Graffiti

While Streets staff will be the ones to carry out graffiti cleanup, please report graffiti to the Police Department here.