Becoming an Inclusive Community


The Town of Los Gatos is committed to inclusivity.  We value all our community members, regardless of religion, immigration status, ethnicity, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  We strive to ensure all community members feel safe, respected, and comfortable to be themselves and express all aspects of their identities. We work proactively to ensure the rights and opportunities of everyone in Town and oppose any attempts to undermine the safety, security, and rights of any members of our community.  

The Town promotes equal treatment, equitable distribution of and access to resources, and engagement in issues affecting the lives of residents, workers, and visitors.  The Town does not tolerate discrimination, hate, racial injustice, or police brutality.

This webpage will be kept updated with the Town's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, including actions taken by the Town Council, Police reform work, and other efforts by all Town Departments, Boards, Commissions, and Committees.  Please peruse the menu on the left-hand side and check back often for updates. 

Connect with Us

We want to hear your thoughts! Do you have concerns, experiences, questions, or ideas regarding how Los Gatos can be more welcoming for all?  Let us know by sending an email to

Conversely, if you experience, witness, or need to report any inappropriate behavior by Town or Police Department staff please email  The Town will conduct an investigation and take appropriate steps to address any improper behavior.