How do I apply to be a volunteer?

You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities and process on our Volunteering page.

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1. What are the library's hours?
2. How do I contact the library?
3. Where is the library?
4. On what days are you closed?
5. How do I get a library card?
6. Can I use my school ID as a library card?
7. What programs and events are coming up?
8. How long can I keep books/movies?
9. How do I renew materials?
10. What are the fines for late items?
11. What if I lose or damage an item?
12. Can I still borrow materials if I have unpaid fines?
13. Do you accept donations?
14. How do I use your e-books/e-resources?
15. What is my PIN?
16. Can I request an item that you don’t have?
17. How do I place a hold?
18. How much does printing/scanning cost?
19. Do you have wireless printing?
20. How do I apply to be a volunteer?
21. My card was lost or stolen. What do I do?
22. How many items can I check out?
23. Do you have a meeting room I can reserve?
24. Where can I park?
25. How can I view my checkout history?
26. What are the expected behaviors in the library?