Do I need portable toilets?

The organizer shall be responsible for providing adequate portable toilets at their event. The organizer must submit a portable toilet plan to the Town two weeks prior to their event by indicating the location and number of toilets on their site/route diagram. If the toilets are placed anywhere outside of the permitted event hours or location an encroachment permit may be required. See section 10 for more information on encroachment permits.

The Santa Clara County Department of Health Services recommends one (1) chemical toilet for every 250 people, or portion thereof. The figure is based upon the maximum number of people at your event during peak time. A percentage of disabled accessible toilets will also be required. For events providing food, the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health (SCCDEH) requires 1 portable toilet and one hand wash station for every 15 food service workers. The SCCDEH may have additional requirements that the event organizer must comply with if the event is required to obtain a permit from them.

When determining how many portable toilets will be needed for an event the organizer should consider the number of people attending, the length of the event and what type of food and drink will be sold or served. For events where alcohol will be present an additional 15%-20% of portable toilets should be added to the calculation. The chart below may serve as a guide in planning.

When holding an event in a Town park, public park toilets may be used. However, the organizer will be required to provide their own staff to service the park toilets during the event or may be required to pay for the Town’s Parks & Public Works staff to service the restrooms if the event is outside of their normal working hours.

The organizer may not direct attendees to use private restrooms unless already agreed up with the business owner prior to the event. Authorized placement locations for portable toilets and trash receptacles will be determined by the Town for each event.  For more information on DEH requirements please visit:

Portable Toliet Chart

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