What are the set-up and clean-up event guidelines?

Set-Up of Event

Event set-up must comply with the Los Gatos Municipal Code Sec. 16.20.010 and may not make, cause suffer or permit any noise disturbances within 100 feet of any building or place regularly used for sleeping purposes between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., unless given specific approval from the Town. For events that occur over multiple days or set-up prior to 8:00 a.m. the organizer must submit a plan to the Town of Los Gatos Event Specialist and work with the Town to find the best option and location for set-up which causes minimal disturbance to the residents of Los Gatos. Event set-up cannot take place on an open roadway and cannot cause a roadway to be closed longer than the hours permitted by the Town.

Clean-Up of Event

The event organizer is responsible for leaving the event area and the immediate adjacent areas in the condition of which they were found prior to the event. Clean-up must occur immediately after the event and within a reasonable time frame as to not disrupt or prohibit the public from accessing the area in a timely manner. The organizer must provide a cleanup plan to the Town at least two weeks prior to the event that indicates 1) sufficient staff (paid or volunteer) to handle cleanup throughout the day and after the event; and 2) sufficient equipment placed in effective locations (dumpsters, trash receptacles, hot coal barrels, and grease barrels). The Town does not provide street sweeping services for special events unless specifically requested by the organizer. In those cases, the organizer shall pay the hourly rate as indicated in the current fee schedule. Should the event organizer fail to perform adequate clean up or damage occurs to Town property and facilities, the organizer will be billed at full cost recovery rates for cleanup and repair. In addition, such failure may result in a denial of future approval for a Special Event Permit or the requirement of a cash deposit or surety bond for future events.

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