What are the security guidelines for events?

Event organizers are required to provide a safe and secure environment for their event. This is accomplished through solid pre-planning and anticipating potential problems and concerns. The size, type, time of day, and location of the event as well as overall activities, are all factors that need to be analyzed by the Town when determining whether your event will need uniformed security.

Each special event application will be reviewed by the Town to determine if security is required. Events having the potential to draw a large crowd, such as street fairs or concerts, and include the consumption of alcohol are likely to require security.  If security is deemed necessary for an event, the Town will require either private security or the Los Gatos Monte-Sereno Police Department (LGMSPD). If LGMSPD staff is required, the applicant is responsible for paying the hourly rate for each officer to the Town of Los Gatos. A minimum of two LGMS Police Officers at four hours is required. The Event Specialist will include those estimated costs in the estimated Town fees provided to the organizer prior to the event.  

If additional LGMS Police Officers are needed on the day of the event due to larger than expected attendance or other factors, the organizer will be responsible for paying for those additional costs after the event. Organizers will not be billed for regular calls for service.

In cases where private security is being used they must meet the following criteria:

  • The company must be licensed and insured.
  • All security personnel must be unarmed.
  • The company must be approved by the Town.

The organizer must submit the following pieces of information for approval of their requested security vendor. Please note that even if security is not required but the organizer wishes to use private security anyway, the company must still be approved.

  • The name of the company.
  • The company’s website and contact information.
  • The number of security officers on duty during the event.
  • The hours of the security officers on duty during the event.
  • Pictures of the security officers’ uniforms.

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