What if my event is in a park?

If the event requires the use of a Town park such as Town Plaza Park, Oak Meadow Park, Civic Center Plaza or any other Town-owned park the organizer must indicate this in their special event application. The organizer is responsible for paying for any park use fees as indicated in the Town’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule, in addition to the special event application fee and all other town related costs. The organizer must also abide by all regulations set-forth in the Town’s Facilities Use Policy. Among these policies, all events held in a public park must be open to the public and cannot restrict access. The Events Specialist will work with the Parks and Public Works Department to reserve the requested park as part of your special event application.

In addition to the park use fee, a refundable deposit may be required depending on the nature of your event to account for any possible damage that could be done to the park grounds. A post-event site evaluation will be done by a member of the Parks and Public Works department to determine if any damage occurred as a result of the event. If it is found that damage was done to any of the facilities or additional clean-up is needed this will be documented and the event organizer will be billed at full cost recovery rates for cleanup and repair.

For smaller park events such as children’s parties, organized recreational activities or classes that are contained entirely within a park and do not meet the other Special Events requirements, a Parks Special Use permit may be required. In these cases, the applicant may work directly with the Parks and Public Works department by visiting https://www.losgatosca.gov/1084/Park-Reservations-Permits-Fees.

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