What are some of the event-related costs I can expect?

For your convenience we have highlighted some of the typical event-related town fees that you may incur when planning your event in town depending on the elements of your event. We have also highlighted other event-related fees not associated with the Town that you may want to consider when planning your event budget.



For a full list of fees please see the Town’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule. Please note that these fees will be adjusted annually by the average consumer price index for the calendar year and/or by the percentage increase in actual operating costs for the current year – whichever is greater.  

Special Event Application Fees

For Profit Organization, New Event
Non-Profit Organization, New Event
For Profit Organization, Repeat Event
Non-Profit Organization, Repeat Event
Other Town Fees & Services

Temporary Sign Permit


Parks Special Use Permit

$95 - $150

Oak Meadow Bandstand

$65 - $150

Town Plaza Park Use

$55 per hour

Civic Center Use Fee$55 per hour

Block Party Permit


Encroachment Permit

$279.00 and up

Road Closure Review Fee
This is applicable to new and/or large and complex road closures.

Dumpster Permit


Police On-Site Staff Support

Actual cost per hour

No Parking Signs

$0.46 each

Non-Town Event Related Costs

Costs for these items are not specified as they will vary greatly depending on the vendor the organizer chooses to use. However, these are other items you should consider budgeting for when planning an event in Los Gatos.

  • Traffic Control Plan from certified traffic control vendor
    • This may be required if closing a road, see "What is the road closure process?" in these FAQs for more details.
  • Traffic Equipment (barricades, signs, etc.)
    • Organizers will be required to obtain their own traffic control equipment.                                          
  • Outside agency permit costs
    • Department of Environmental Health
    • Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)
    • Santa Clara County Fire Department
  • Portable Restrooms
  • Dumpsters, waste and recycle bins
  • Private security
  • First aid vendors
  • Marketing
  • Additional event equipment, ie. stages, audio equipment, tents, tables, etc.

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