Free Speech Events

The Town of Los Gatos embraces the diversity of our community and supports the rights of all people to express their Frist Amendment Right to free speech in public forums.  

Currently, Chapter 14, Article X of the Town Code of the Town of Los Gatos defines and provides guidance for obtaining a permit to hold an organized free speech event on public property. 

FAQ's · Free Speech Events 

What is a Free Speech Event? Free Speech Events are organized, pre-planned events held in the spirit of expressing a view or belief, and are intended to be solely an expressive activity, such as a march, rally, or demonstration.  They may include amplified sound from a portable or handheld device.  Free Speech Events shall not include the installation or storage of items on Town property, including affixing signs, equipment, decorations, fixtures, or similar objects.   

Why do I need a permit for a Free Speech Event?  The intent of the Free Speech Event permit process is for organizers to communicate their plans with the Town so we may ensure that the event location and time is not in conflict with a previously approved event, and to allow for organizers and the Town to have open lines of communication before, during, and after the Free Speech Event.  This process in no way restricts or limits the ability to exercise First Amendment Rights. 

What if I would like to plan an event that includes an installation of artistic creations, signs, a stage, entertainment/bands, sale or service of food and beverages, affixed decorations, etc.? Is this possible? Yes, this is possible and welcomed as a Special Event, permitted through the Town's Special Event permit process.  Please note, Special Event Permit applications must be filed a minimum of 60 days prior to the proposed event date. 

How do I obtain a Free Speech Event permit? Please complete the Free Speech Event Permit & Information Sheet and return the completed form via email to the Town Manager's Office at  Town Staff will make contact with you within a day.    

I have questions about the Town's provisions related to Free Speech Event Permits.  Who should I contact?  Please email the Town Manager's Offices at