Special Event Permit Information

Special COVID-19 Note

The Town will continue to comply with all COVID-19 federal, state, and county orders and guidelines as they relate to mass gatherings, and has no plans at this time to institute separate jurisdictional restrictions.

Special event applications are still being accepted and processed as normal under the assumption that the event in question will be able to occur at the requested time. Applicants must still submit their applications within the required application submission timelines and pay the required non-refundable application fee. However, if the event has to be rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time of the event, the non-refundable application fee may be applied to the rescheduled event date and the coordinator will not need to submit a new application. If the event in question is canceled indefinitely the application fee may not be applied to a different event as the fee accounts for staff processing time, which will have already occurred. Any other fees or deposits for event-day staff time or resources that may have already been paid, will be refunded in full.


The Town of Los Gatos welcomes service organizations, not-for-profits and other organizers who wish to produce events in Town that positively contribute to our residents, visitors and the economic vitality of the Town. The information found here will provide you with everything you need to obtain a special event permit from the Town of Los Gatos.

The Town Manager’s Office Event Specialist will act as your liaison within the Town and assist you in obtaining the appropriate Town permits needed and provide you with guidance and direction regarding the special event permit process.


Step 1: Review the Event Flow Chart 

Not all events require special event permits depending on their nature. To determine what type of permit is best suited for your event review the event flow chart.

Step 2: Review the Special Event Guidelines and Procedures FAQs

Once you’ve determined that you need a special event permit we highly recommend that you review the Special Event Guidelines and Procedures before completing the special event application. It contains detailed information regarding everything you’ll need to know when planning an event in Los Gatos as well as information you’ll need to complete the special event application.

Step 3: Review the Special Event Application Timeline

For a detailed overview of the Special Event Application and Timeline process.

Step 4: Complete a Special Event Application


Additional Information

Below are quick links to information and other permits from the Town of Los Gatos and other outside agencies that you may need for your event.