General Questions

Who can get a Los Gatos Library Card? How can I get one?

  • Adults can obtain a Los Gatos library card with
    • a government issued I.D. and
    • proof of a current California address (if different from I.D.)
  • Students ages 13-18 can obtain a library card with a valid student I.D.

  • Children 13 and under can obtain a card without any identification, so long as a legal guardian is present and can verify contact information. 

Where can I find information on library programs?

On our homepage, click the tab "All Events".

What do I do if my library card is lost or stolen?

Let us know right away!  Call us at (408) 354-6890 or stop in ASAP.  Please be aware that you are responsible for any charges made to your account until it has been reported as missing.

What are the expected rules of conduct for Library patrons?

Library Code of Conduct
 Are there private study or meeting rooms that I can reserve in the library?

All library space is on a first come, first served basis.

How and what can I donate to the library?

Please visit the
Friends of the Library book store donation page to learn more.

Can I volunteer at the library?

Yes! Please see our
volunteer page for more information. 


How many computers does the library have?

We have 20 computers in the Main Room and 6 computers in the Teen Room. We have 12 laptops available for checkout from our Laptops Anytime machine upstairs. 

We have 8 desktop computers In the Children's Room and 4 iPads with educational games. 

What kinds of computers does the library have?

All of our desktop and laptop computers run on Windows 7. 

Library Materials

What if the library does not have the material I am looking for?

You can request that we purchase the item by filling out an online Suggestion for Purchase or calling our reference desk at (408)354-6896.

Can I borrow materials if I have unpaid fines?

Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you owe more than $20.00 and restored when your balance is brought below $20.00.

How many items can I check out?

Items checked out at one time -- 99 per card
Feature DVDs -- 10 per card
Bestseller DVDs -- 3 per card

I placed a book on hold, how will I know know when it's ready to be picked up?

We'll send you an e-mail.

I recently published a book. Can the library add it to your collection?

The librarians who manage our collections consider a number of factors when deciding what material to add. We have a small section specifically designed for local authors. Please contact librarian Chris Ota for more information at cota@losgatosca.gov

What happens if I lose library material that I checked out?

You are financially responsible for all materials you check out. Please call or visit us to clear your account.

Where can I find newly added library materials?

Downstairs on the two round bookshelves next to the circulation desk.

I found library materials that I had lost-- what should I do?

Please bring the items to the library circulation desk. 

Can you recommend something good to read?

Yes! We are happy to provide recommendations, or you can use your library card to check out the site NoveList for in-depth reviews and tailored suggestions.

How long can I keep materials? 

Standard Loan Period --- 3 weeks
Feature DVDs --- 1 week
Children's DVDs --- 1 week
Bestseller Books --- 1 week
Bestseller DVDs --- 3 days 

How can I view my checkout history?

To protect your privacy, we do not track the materials you have checked out. If you would prefer to maintain a checkout history, you can enable it by logging into your account, selecting "your privacy", and changing your privacy rules. 

How can I pick up holds from the library?

On the shelves just past the circulation desk and new releases.  In order to pick up a hold from the library you must use the same library card that was used to placed the hold.

Can I print/scan/copy?

The library has two printers that can also scan and copy. You may copy in color, but only print in black/white. 

How much does it cost?

  • The cost is 15 cents per copy (B/W) and 20 cents per copy (color).
  • Scanning is free, but please be sure to bring a USB drive.
Are there limits to how much I can print/scan/copy?

There's no page limit for the number a patron can print/scan/copy.  We ask that everyone limit their time using the machine to 15 minute increments so that everyone has equal access.