Fences, Hedges and Walls

Generally: Fences, walls, gates, and hedges may not exceed three (3) feet in height when located within a required front or side yard abutting a street (as required by the zone), driveway view area, traffic view area, or corner sight triangle (as defined by Section 29.40.0310) unless an exception is granted by the Town Engineer and Community Development Director.  Trees, hedges, and vegetation within a corner sight triangle shall meet the requirements of Section 26.10.065.

Outside of the Hillside Area: On residential zoned properties not located in the Hillside Area, fences, walls, gates, and hedges not exceeding six feet with one foot of lattice on top (seven feet high total) are allowed on or within all property lines.

In the Hillside Area:  On residential zoned properties located in the Hillside Area:

  • Fences walls, gates, or hedges may not exceed six feet.
  • Fences located within 20 feet of a property line adjacent to a street shall be open view fencing as defined in Section 29.40.0310.  
  • On properties one (1) acre or greater, perimeter fencing shall be a wildlife-friendly fence as defined in Section 29.40.0310.
  • Chainlink, welded wire, wire mesh, or similar material shall be coated with green, brown, or black vinyl or finish and shall be supported by a wood frame.
  • Buck and rail, double, and solid fences are prohibited.

For full details, including definitions, exceptions, and exemptions, please review Sections 29.40.030 through 29.40.0330. Additional guidance is provided in the Site Elements chapter of the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines.

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