Engineering Services


41 Miles Avenue
*Next to Balzer Field
Los Gatos, CA 95030



The Engineering Program reviews private and public projects to ensure compliance with the Towns Engineering Design Standards. Hours of operation for Public Counter and phone: 8 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kim, WooJae Town Engineer 408-399-5773  
Weisz, Mike Senior Civil Engineer 408-354-5236  
Smith, Ying Transportation and Mobility Manager 408-827-3550  
Chin, Janice Assistant Engineer 408-395-3460  
Shrestha, Suyesh Assistant Engineer 408-395-1437  
Sparks, Corvell Assistant Engineer 408-395-5340  
Selfridge, Kevin Construction Project Manager 408-827-3549  
Christianson, Eric Engineer Inspector 408-354-6824  
Buch, Kinjal Senior Engineering Technician 408-399-5756  
Robnett-Illges, Tammy Administrative Assistant 408-399-5771  
Quinney, Michelle Special Projects Manager 408-827-3552  
Vroman, Michael Senior Traffic Engineer 408-399-5777  
Parsons, Fletcher Special Projects Manager