Investigation Division

The Investigations Bureau is comprised of:

  • One Sergeant
  • Five detectives
  • One Investigations Specialist
  • One School Resource Officer

 The Detective Sergeant reviews each and every case that patrol officers document to determine if the case is suited for referral to a Detective.  Detectives are all cross-trained and may be assigned to investigate a wide range of crimes. Additionally, Detectives can be assigned to regional task forces.  

There is a dedicated Juvenile Detective who handles all cases involving youth.  This position oversees and manages the Juvenile Diversion Program.  The Juvenile Diversion Program is an in-house program that defers first-time or low level juvenile offenders away from the justice system in exchange for community service, behavioral contracts, and academic contracts.  

The Investigative Specialist has three primary functions – providing general support to the Detective Bureau, performing court liaison duties, and managing sex and narcotics registrants.  Court liaison duties include delivering cases to the District Attorney’s Office for review, obtaining warrants, and facilitating subpoena service.  Managing registrants consists of intake interviews, completing required paperwork, and monitoring offenders for compliance.

The School Resource Officer is also assigned to Investigations.  The SRO handles the public schools within Los Gatos and Monte Sereno.  

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