Community Commendations and Complaints

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Commendations, Inquiries, and Complaints

Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department is committed to providing high quality police service to the community, we encourage residents to recognize employees who perform exceptionally and submit inquiries or complaints about our procedures and the conduct of our staff.


A commendation may address any event that you feel demonstrates effort and exceptional performance from any of our department members who deserves recognition.  Commendations can be verbal or written in person, by phone, email, or through an informal letter.  All commendations are formally documented, and employees will be notified.  You may also advise an employee's supervisor or Watch Commander.


An Inquiry is any contact with a community member about an issue of concern that does not require a formal investigation. This process can be resolved an issue at an informal level, to the satisfaction of the community member by means of discussion, explanation, or clarification and are handled by the on-duty supervisor.  An inquiry that is not resolved can become a complaint.


A complaint is formal documentation involving a complaint against personnel or against a department policy or procedure that was not solved at the inquiry level. 

To view Complaint procedures for further information and/or fill out the Complaint form please use the link on the left hand side of this page.