Senate Bill (SB) 330

What is Senate Bill (SB) 330?

Effective January 1, 2020, and through its expiration on January 1, 2025  SB 330 (Housing Crisis Act of 2019 – Government Code Section 65941.1) expands or amends Sate legislation, including the Permit Streamlining Act and Housing Accountability Act, with the broad goals of facilitating increased production of new residential units, protecting existing units, and providing for an expedited review and approval process for housing development projects through submittal of a “preliminary application.”

Among other stipulations, SB 330 requires the following for applicable housing development projects:

  • New, non-objective development standards established after January 1, 2020, cannot be imposed or enforced.
  • Applicable housing development projects must receive a decision in no more than five (5) public hearings – whether the item is being heard by a Design Review Board, Planning Commission, or Council, and including any appeals (except for those related to a legislative action).
  • Prohibits any moratorium, project, or action that would result in a net downzoning, limit the number of permits to be issued, or otherwise reduce housing or limit overall population.  This requirement does not apply to zoning changes that might reduce intensity for certain parcels where density would be concurrently increased on others and therefore result in “no net loss” in zoned housing capacity or intensity.

The Town has prepared a preliminary application packet including application form, FAQ, and application process.