Engineering Permits

Introducing New Online Permitting System

The Town proudly introduces a new Online Permitting Services System.  We can now accept, review, and provide feedback for documents submitted securely online.  This streamlined tool allows our customers to apply and pay for Engineering Development, Tree Removal permits, and other Town-issued permits online. We are currently in transition phase towards complete switch to online permit application process. During this transition phase, Town will be accepting applications both on paper/pdf and through the new Accela Citizen Portal.

We hope you find using Online Permitting Services easy and efficient!

Before you get started, do you know what permit you need to apply for? If you’re not sure, check out the new Permit Decision Tool! It will help you determine why type of permit you will need! Otherwise, follow the steps below.

  1. Become an Accela Citizen Access (ACA) registered user. Head to the Accela Citizen Portal and register with your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation email to your inbox.  Once you confirm, you’re ready for step 2!
    • Already have an account? Click here to log in. You can check the status of your existing permits or move to step 2 to start a new application.
  2. Complete the online permit application through ACA, which includes submitting necessary forms, plans, documents, and other project-related materials.  Staff will review the documents submitted by you to ensure your file contains all the required information for your project to be reviewed.  Please check out the submittal guidelines for various permits on Engineer website here as you prepare your plans. 
  3. Resolve fees for your application. Once the documents you have provided have been determined to be complete, it will move on from being a pre-application to a full application.  You will be asked to pay associated fees online via credit card.  Alternatively, you can mail a check or come into our office during counter hours (8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) to pay for the associated fees.  
  4. Responding to comments & collaborating with staff. Through the ACA platform, you can receive comments, marked-up plans, provide resubmissions, and other activities related to the review of your application.  We encourage you to collaborate with staff via email. 

We are excited to offer services that safely keep our community moving forward! 

If there are any questions regarding PPW Engineering permits for Encroachments, Grading, Debris Bin, Storage, Haul, Tree Removal, etc., please contact our staff by phone at (408)399-5771 or via email

Tree Removal Permit:

Please find all information related to trees here

Encroachment Permit: A permit is required whenever temporary use of the public right-of-way is requested for private construction work.  

Grading and Drainage: Excavating, grading, installing on-site storm drainage, and/or constructing retaining walls within the Town of Los Gatos may require a grading permit from the Parks and Public Works Department per Town ordinance.  The Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance is intended to establish uniform standards to safeguard life, limb, property, water quality, and natural resources, and to promote the public welfare by regulating grading (Town Code 12.10.010 – 12.40.055).  The following information explains the Town’s Grading Permit requirements.  Click on the links below for more information.  Please note that a completed Engineer's Estimate Form, stamped and signed by the responsible engineer in charge, must be submitted as part of the initial Grading Permit submittal. 

Public Improvements: Public improvements may be included within a proposed development’s Conditions of Approval. When required, a completed Public Improvements Application and the associated materials and fees shall be submitted to the Engineering Office, along with plans for said improvements as prepared by a California registered civil engineer. 

Debris BinA Debris Box Permit is required for anyone who intends to place one or more debris boxes within the public right-of-way.  Said box(es) must be obtained through West Valley Collection and Recycling, LLC. 

Storage Bin: A Storage Permit is required for anyone who intends to place one or more mobile storage containers within the public right-of-way. 

Haul PermitA Haul Permit is required for prior to hauling materials into or out of the Town.  These permits allow for the monitoring of truck traffic through, and minimization of potential of damage to, Town infrastructure by oversized and overweight vehicles. 

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