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Reporting Lost Items

  1. Lost Property Reporting Form
  2. About the Lost Property Reporting Form
    You may either fill out the below form or call the Evidence & Property Section at (408) 827-3214. Please Note: Filling out the below information does not generate a police report. If you would like to file a police report, please file an On-Line Crime & Incident Report Form.
  3. When is the Reporting Lost Property Form Used?
    The Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Reporting Lost Property Form is used to notify the Evidence & Property Technician that you have lost an item in town. Crimes with suspect information, or that do not fit the criteria below, should be reported immediately to a Police Officer by calling the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department at (408) 354-8600.
  4. What Happens After I Submit My Form?
    The Evidence & Property Technician will check to see if the item has been turned into the Police Department. Please Note: You will only receive notification if the item has been turned into the Police Department.
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