Downtown Business Employee Parking Program

Downtown Employee Parking Program Overview              

In 2019, the Town of Los Gatos hired Dixon Resources Unlimited to conduct a Parking Study on Downtown parking.  The goal of the study was to find ways to improve the Downtown parking experience.  This included parking improvements for both visitors and employees.   Dixon recommended establishing an Employee Parking Program which would provide dedicated parking for employees and help keep employees from parking in spaces intended for visitors.  Dixon determined that Downtown has sufficient parking if all under-utilized parking areas are used during peak parking periods.   To better utilized all municipal parking, better wayfinding signage and employee parking management would be required.

In April 2021, the Town Council approved moving forward with a pilot Employee Parking Permit Program for the business owners and employees who work Downtown.  Most Downtown municipal parking lots will be assigned a specified number of employee parking spaces.  This will allow employees with an Employee Parking Permit to park all day.   Employees will no longer need to move their vehicle every few hours to avoid getting a parking citation.   Employees with a valid Employee Parking Permit will be required to park in the designated employee parking spaces to receive all day parking.  Employee Permits will not extend posted time limits in non-employee spaces.

A Wayfinding consultant was selected, and work began in November 2021.  Employee permit parking signage and wayfinding will be designed and installed during the first quarter of 2022.  Employee permit parking is expected to go into effect upon the completion of the necessary signage. For additional documents click here.


employee parking lot signage and space markings

 Employee participation in the program will be critical to the success of better utilizing all available parking.   The effectiveness of the pilot program will be reviewed regularly, and it will be modified as needed to best meet the needs of the entire community.  

Reserved All-day Employee Parking Spaces – All employees with a valid employee parking permit can park for an unlimited time in designated employee parking spaces located throughout most municipal parking lots.

Free Employee Parking Permits – All employees and business owners who work for businesses located in the Downtown Employee Eligibility Area are eligible to receive a free employee parking permit during the pilot period.

Virtual Parking Permit Uses License Plate Number Only – When you complete the online parking permit registration and it is approved, your license plate becomes your parking permit.  You will not need to display anything other than making sure your license plate is visible to parking enforcement staff.

Reduced Parking Stress – With a valid employee parking permit you are authorized to park in any designated downtown employee parking spaces all day.  No more worry about time limits, moving your vehicle or parking citations.

Receive Important Information About Parking – When you register for your parking permit you will also start receiving important parking information.  This will include permit expiration notices, parking rules and regulations, and information on special events Downtown that may affect your parking or commute. 

Improved Customer Experience – By reducing your downtown parking stress, employees can better focus on the customer and stop worrying about their vehicle.  Employee parking locations will be balanced with customer convenience so customers can always find a parking space.  Both actions will improve the customer experience which encourages repeat customer visits to Downtown Los Gatos businesses.

For additional documents click here.

Downtown Employee Parking Permit Registration

Beginning December 6, 2021 Downtown business owners and employees can register for an employee parking permit.  This will expedite the permit registration process.  Employees will receive parking information and updates via email.  You will be notified when your permit is valid for employee parking. Appropriate employee permit parking signage must be installed in the parking lots prior to the pilot Employee Parking Program going into effect.  Signage is expected to be designed and installed during the first quarter of 2022.

Program Benefits: 

  • Reserved all-day employee parking spaces
  • Free employee permit during the pilot period
  • Virtual parking permit uses license plate number only
  • Reduced parking stress
  • Receive important information about parking
  • Improved customer experience


For additional documents click here.