Storm Water

Stormwater System

The Stormwater Drainage System is not the Sanitary Sewer System

The Storm Water System is a series of underground drains to direct rainwater (stormwater runoff) to the creeks and tributaries that flow to the bay. The Stormwater Drainage System (also known as the Storm Drain System) is completely separate from the Sewer System which links home plumbing (sinks and toilets) to the sewage treatment system processing plants.

It is very important to keep these 2 systems separated, and to manage what goes in each system. For instance, it is OK to drain pools and spas into the sewer system (hook up to your clean-out or washer outlet) but absolutely do not drain spa or pool water into the curb/storm drain system as the treated water contaminates creek and bay water. Also, to help keep the storm drains clear and flowing, please do not sweep leaves from sidewalks into gutters (use your yard waste bin provided by West Valley Collection & Recycling. To download a brochure on proper method to drain your pool or spa, please click on Draining Pools & Spas

Stormwater Pollution Information

Unfortunately, our everyday activities can pollute stormwater. Please visit our Stormwater Pollution Prevention page for information on what you can do to prevent stormwater pollution.