Smoking Regulations

Ordinance 18.60.10

Effective June 26, 2016

One of the 2015-2016 Strategic Goals and Priorities of the Town Council was to update the Town’s Smoking Regulations, last revised some 25 years ago. In that regard, on May 17, 2016 the Town Council adopted amendments to the Town’s Smoking Regulations. The amendments to the Town Smoking Regulations come in the context of greater scientific understanding of the dangers of secondhand smoke and the continued drop in the percentage of adult smokers in the Bay Area. The amendments include provisions for prohibiting smoking in public places, commercial areas, and multi-unit residences. All of the amendments have already been adopted by one or more jurisdictions within the Bay Area.

Key Provision of the Ordinance

The amendments to the Town’s Smoking Regulations prohibit smoking in areas that may affect you as a property owner or manager of a commercial or multi-family business. The areas that now prohibit smoking are:

  •  Any area or property in the Town that is in a commercial zone.
  •  All commercial shopping areas and shopping centers and parking lots.
  •  Public or private places of employment with more than 1 employee.
  •  All hotel and motel rooms and common areas.
  •  All indoor/outdoor multi-family housing units and spaces of two (2) or more units.
  •  All parks, playgrounds, sports fields, recreation areas, open space, bike paths, and trails.
  •  All Town-owned facilities, property, grounds, and parking lots.
  •  All Town events and other public events.


May 3, 2016 Ordinance Introduction

Staff Report
Attachment 1 - Draft Ordinance
Desk Item

May 17, 2016 Ordinance Adoption

Staff Report - Second Reading Smoking Ordinance
Attachment 1 - 2254 Amend Smoking Ordinance
Ordinance 2254 -  Amending Section 18.60.10 to include restrictions on smoking in commercial zoned areas and in multi-unit residences

For further information about the Smoking Regulation Ordinance  contact Town Attorney, Gabrielle Whelan at (408) 354-6818 or