Interested in Volunteering?

Here are a few things you need to know...

  • Volunteers must be 15+
  • Recruitments are done January, June, and September. We require at least a three month commitment from our volunteers
  • Potential volunteers need to fill out an application and be prepared to come in for a short interview
  • Applications must be submitted one month prior to the start of a volunteer session
  • Volunteers work one two hour shift per week
  • Apply here

Library Volunteer Description:

This position assists a wide variety of administrative library tasks, including updating and verifying item records in our catalog, and a wide variety of other clerical type work. Also, volunteers will assist with library programs. Duties include a variety of tasks including program support for crafts, clubs, and other afternoon activities. This work requires comfort with computer programs, enthusiasm working with kids and adults, and a willingness to tackle large tasks with many small, repetitive steps.

Library Volunteering Mission Statement:

The Los Gatos Library is a gathering place for the enrichment of community life. Volunteering at the library is an opportunity for community members to enrich their lives, and our community, through service.

The Library is committed to the idea that involving volunteers in its operation will assist it in carrying out its mission for the community. We appreciate the energy and talent and dedication volunteers bring to the library.

Goals for Volunteers:

  • Gain a sense of personal achievement, self-esteem and satisfaction by learning a new skill, completing a project, or using existing skills in an organization that serves the whole community.
  • Become familiar with library resources or services, get a "behind the scenes" view of library services, feel connected to the the library.
  • Enhance academic experience through the completion of required service hours.


Library volunteers supplement, but do not supplant, library staff. Legal issues pertaining to patron confidentiality and the right to privacy, as well as interpreting library policy, require intensive staff training and accountability. Librarians and library staff have extensive experience, specialized skills, and knowledge. Volunteers work limited, variable schedules. Hiring, training, monitoring and managing volunteers requires extensive staff time and energy. As such, volunteering at the library must be considered as a service the library offers, not a staffing solution.

Library Volunteers do not:

  • work at any public service desk
  • have access to private patron information
  • run specialized library programming (such as a tutoring program or a special storytime program)
  • select materials for purchase

Have more questions?   Email, the Children's LIbrarian, Catherine Gildea at cgildea@losgatosca.gov.