Volunteer Job Descriptions

Administration Bureau
  • Emergency Management Preparedness: Volunteer will update manuals, prepare table top exercises and train department and town staff and members of the community in emergency and natural disaster procedures.
  • Mail Run: Volunteer will process the police department's mail through the Town's mail room and transport to the Post Office, pick up police department's mail from Post Office and distribute to Chief's Secretary.
  • Billing: Volunteer will assist Support Services Division Captain in sorting police department bills, computer entry, filing and distribution to the Town's Finance Department.
  • Grant Writing: Volunteer will assist administration in research, developing and writing grants for various divisions within the police department.
Records Bureau
  • Fingerprinting: Volunteer will do the non-criminal fingerprinting for the department at designated times.
  • Warrant Follow-up: Volunteer will attempt to locate and make telephone contact with responsible parties with outstanding warrants in an effort to clear the warrant.
  • NCIC Validation: Volunteer will make monthly NCIC checks on stolen vehicles, stolen guns, etc. and attempt to contact victims.
  • Records Receptionist: Volunteer will assist records personnel in answering phones, assisting the public at front counter, Operation C.A.R.E. calls, maintaining press book, processing parking cites, shredding, filing and copying reports.
  • Data Entry: Volunteer will enter entire index card file, crime reports and assist other divisions with data entry, word processing and special projects as the need arises.
Traffic Bureau
  • Radar Trailer Technician: Volunteer will transport the Radar Trailer to various locations in Town as instructed by the Traffic Coordinator, retrieve statistical data from the Smart Trailer's computer and prepare reports.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Volunteer will transport police vehicles on a regular basis to the corporation yard for repair, to the car wash, to radio equipment repair shop and various other duties as instructed by the Traffic Coordinator.
  • Tow Truck Permits: Volunteer will update tow truck permits on an annual basis, maintain rotational tow logs and assist tow companies with other related matters.
  • V.I.P. Patrol: Volunteer will patrol neighborhoods in designated Town vehicles for the purpose of vacation checks, graffiti watch, handicapped parking enforcement, reporting any suspicious activity to dispatch and assisting in traffic control or other duties as advised by the on duty sergeant or supervisor.
Detective Bureau
  • Investigations Assistant: Volunteer will assist Detectives and Crime Analyst in various duties such as filing, answering phones, juvenile diversion letters, parking citation dismissal letters, victim letters, monthly statistics, transcribing, and data entry.
Personnel and Community Services Bureau
  • General Clerical: Volunteer will assist training sergeant and community service officer with updating manuals, files and data entry.
Crime Prevention Bureau
  • Operation T.A.G.: Volunteer will monitor the graffiti hot-line, log calls, assigning clean-up duty to a T.A.G. volunteer, distribute paint/remover and equipment to volunteer and preparing monthly statistics on graffiti calls and removal.
  • False Alarm Cards: Volunteer will process false alarm cards, send warning letters and prepare alarm fine reports for the Finance Department.
  • Neighborhood Watch Program: Volunteer will assist the Crime Prevention Officer in conducting Neighborhood Watch meetings, follow-up with home security inspections, and assist Neighborhood Watch leaders in maintaining the program.
  • Newsletter Editor: Volunteer will create, publish, edit and word process a newsletter for members of the V.I.P. program and assist the Crime Prevention Officer in the publication of the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter.
  • Video/Television: Volunteer will assist the Crime Prevention Officer in special video productions, television programs, and training videos as "In Field" Camcorder Operator, Studio Camera Operator, Sound Technician, Studio Lighting Technician, Editor, Computer Graphics Technician, Floor Director, Set Designer, and/or Script Writer.
  • Special Events: Volunteer will assist the Crime Prevention Officer by manning the Crime Prevention Booth, distributing Crime Prevention materials, such as; balloons and junior police badges; taking photos and assisting the public at special events, such as the Fiesta de Artes, Daves Ave Fair, National Night Out, school events, fundraisers.
  • Fundraiser: Volunteer will develop, coordinate and plan fund raising events within the community to benefit the V.I.P. program and other Crime Prevention programs.
  • Volunteer Coordinator Assistant: Volunteer will assist the Volunteer Coordinator in developing and maintaining the V.I.P. program, V.I.P. assignment scheduling, oversee monthly V.I.P. meetings, collecting data for the V.I.P. newsletter and other general office duties.
If you would like to get more information on the Volunteers in Policing Program, please contact Gwen Cross.