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check-box_thumb.jpgWho Needs a Town Business License?
A Town business license is required if a business is located within the Town limits, or if an agent of the business comes into Town to conduct business.
check-box_thumb.jpgBusiness License Application Information
The license tax due can be determined based on the type of business activity. Those businesses which are based on retail sales, wholesale, manufacturing and/or jobbing have taxes based on sliding scale. All other businesses have taxes based on flat fees as set forth in Town Code Sec. 14.20.115. Flat-fee based businesses are pro-rated, by quarter, from the date of application to the end of the year.

Step 1:
Application Process

If a business is not located within the Town limits, a business license application form can be completed without Planning approval (Under Step 2) and submitted to the Business License Department. If you have any questions, please contact the Town’s Business License Department at (408) 354-6835 or

If a business is located within the Town limits, a department sign-off from Community Development or Building/Engineering Department is required.  A business license will not be issued until all requirements are met by the Planning Department. This can be either a simple sign-off form which approves code compliance of business license, a 
Home Occupation Permit or a Use and Occupancy Permit, depending upon the circumstance of the location. You must also fill out the Business License Routing form. These documents can be obtained at the Building/Engineering/Community Development Department counter at Town Hall.  If you have questions, please contact the Town's Planning Division at 408-354-6874 or

Step 2:
Application Fees

All fees for business licenses are flat fees except the Standard Gross Receipts Business License. The applicable fees are listed on the Gross Receipt Application Form. However, if you care to preview all possible fees for this type of license, please review the Fee Schedule.

Application Forms

The following forms are available:

Contractor Application
For those licensed by the State Contractor's Licensing Board.

Professional Application
For professional service providers, including, but not limited to, doctors, attorneys, accountants, consultants, engineers, and designers.

Gross Receipt Application
For businesses based on retail sales, wholesale, manufacturing, jobbing, and E-Commerce.
Service Application
For service occupations, such as appliance installation, building maintenance, landscape maintenance, and security guards.

Business Exemption Request Application
For disabled veterans selling wares or goods, charitable organizations, day care facilities, and Town contractors whose income from business with the Town is not more than $500.00 during any calendar year. Please note that there is a $25.00 license processing fee.
Business Closing Form
If your business is closed or is relocating outside the Town of Los Gatos, fill out the attached form and return to the Town of Los Gatos Business License office.

Other Business License Forms
1.  Apartments / Mobile Home Parks
2.  Auctioneer
3.  Hospitals, Rest Home and The Like
4.  Non-Profit
5.  One Day Temporary

6.  Shows, Concerts and The Like
7.  Solicitor / Peddler 
8.  Taxicab Company   
9.  Trucking / Delivery  
10.  Hotels /Motels/Short Term Rentals

Payment for business licenses cannot be accepted over-the-phone or online. Checks should be made payable to the "Town of Los Gatos" and mailed to the P.O. Box 697 address located on the business license application or renewal form or brought in-person to the Finance Department located at 110 E. Main Street, Los Gatos (Lower Level).

check-box_thumb.jpgEmergency Information Contact Card
The LGMS Police Department requires all businesses to update their emergency contact information annually. Click to complete the online emergency contact information form.
check-box_thumb.jpgLicense Period
Annual business license renewals are due and payable in advance on January 2nd of each year, are valid for the year in which they are issued, and expire on December 31st of that year. New business licenses are valid from the date of payment of tax to the end of the year.

Business owners are responsible for renewing their business license whether or not a courtesy notice is received.

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