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  1. New York Times Online

    E-Resource of the Month: New York Times

    Thanks to the California State Library, Los Gatos Library cardholders can now enjoy free access to the New York Times website. Learn more...
  2. Friends of the Library Bookstore

    50% Off at Friends of the Library Bookstore

    For the month of February, all items at the Friends of the Library bookstore are 50% off. To learn more about the bookstore, including hours and contact information, visit the Friends of the Library website
  3. Breanna and Gwyn recording

    Book Reviews, Library Stories, and More

    Breanna and Gwyneth share book reviews and library stories in the official Los Gatos Library podcast. Will you agree with their opinions? Listen in and find out! Available for iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Or click below to listen now. Listen Now
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