Clerk Department

The Office of the Town Clerk is a division of the Office of the Town Manager (TMO).  The Town Clerk serves as the liaison between the public and the Town Council and is the local official who administers the democratic processes such as elections, local legislative actions, and access to Town records, ensuring transparency to the public.  The Town Clerk follows federal, state, and local statutes including the Political Reform Act and the Brown Act (open meeting laws).  Before and after the Town Council takes action, the Town Clerk ensures that actions are in compliance with all statutes and regulations and that all actions are properly executed, recorded, and archived.

Functions of the Office of the Town Clerk

  • Manage the Town Council's legislative agenda and documents
  • Record and maintain proceedings of Council meetings, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, etc.
  • Timely posting of agendas
  • Manage and respond to requests for public records
  • Publication of public hearing and legal notices
  • Elections Official for local elections
  • Local Filing Officer and Fling Official duties under the Political Reform Act
  • Custodian of the Town's records and administration of Town wide records management program
  • Maintain the Town Municipal Code
  • Receive claims, subpoenas, summons, appeals, petitions, and suits related to Town government
  • Receive and open bid documents
  • Administer Oath of Office
  • Maintain custody of the Town Seal
  • Manage and administer the the Board, Commission, and Committee program

Public Records Requests

Submit a Public Records Request here:

The California Public Records Act (CPRA) provides for the fundamental right of the public to access public records. Requests for public records should be submitted to the Office of the Town Clerk.

The Town uses the JustFOIA Public Records Request software to streamline the open records request process for our citizens and improve efficiencies within. Requests can be requested through the online request form, or in writing via postal mail or e-mail ( Requests may also be made orally on the phone or in person.  However, to assist with making a focused request for identifiable records, it is best to put your request in writing.

 The Town charges for actual costs of duplicating paper records, media storage devices, and any postage.

Building permit information (i.e. history) from November 1993 forward, Planning and Code Compliance applications for parcels in the Town's jurisdiction can be viewed at Accela Citizen Access.  Community Development staff may be reached by phone at (408) 354-6876 for Building, (408) 354-6874 for Planning, (408) 399-5746 for Code Compliance or by email at,, or for any questions related to building permits, zoning, or code compliance.

The Town's Enterprise Systems Catalog is available in PDF form.

The Town of Los Gatos is not the office of record for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, or Divorce Decrees.  Please contact the Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder's office at or call (408) 299-5688 to obtain those records.