Business/Employee Survey

On April 20, 2021, the Los Gatos Town Council unanimously   approved the implementation of a pilot Employee Parking program for the Downtown Business area. A 2019 Comprehensive Parking Study conducted by the Town revealed that during peak business hours the combined Downtown parking lots are 77% full.  The lots within two blocks of N. Santa Cruz Ave and W. Main St are 97% full.  While Downtown has an adequate supply of parking, there is the perception of  a parking shortage.  To change this perception, we need to make better use of the under-utilized parking areas.   Many parking spaces intended for customers are often occupied by employees.  Moving some employees to under-utilized    parking areas will allow customers to quickly and easily find parking.   Customers who cannot find convenient parking may become dissatisfied and choose to shop or dine elsewhere.

Our goal is to create an Employee Parking Permit Program where employees have access to easy to find dedicated parking spaces within a reasonable walking distance from their place of employment.  This will allow employees to park all-day and not worry about moving their  vehicle or getting a citation.  It will also provide customers with more readily available parking.   

The information received from the Employee and Business Owner Surveys will be used to develop the quantity and locations of the dedicated employee parking spaces.  Your   participation in the survey process is very important and greatly appreciated.

Please use the Downtown parking map as a reference when completing your survey.   Downtown has 12 public parking lots with nearly 1,100 parking spaces.

A separate survey available for business owners and employees.  

Business Owner Survey: Each Business should submit only one Business Owner Survey. It can be completed by the business owner or designated representative.
Business Owner Survey:

Employee Survey: Each employee of every business should submit an Employee Survey.
Employee Survey:

Information about the pilot Employee Parking program and other upcoming parking improvements will be available soon on our webpage at  Please check back regularly for updates.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.  With your assistance we can improve Downtown parking for all.