The Local HistorLOGO Represent Los Gatosy Room of the Los Gatos Library holds a collection of historically valuable documents that help tell the story of the Town of Los Gatos. However, the stories of Black, Indigenous, people of color are underrepresented in this collection. We acknowledge that without the voices of the BIPOC community, it is not possible to paint a complete picture of the history of our town. We are launching the Represent Los Gatos Oral History Project to fill these gaps in our collection and to allow you to share your own stories, however you would like them to be told.

We approach this project with the understanding that the history of archives has not been favorable to BIPOC communities and that BIPOC individuals are rarely invited to tell their own stories. We are asking the community to share their stories so that future generations will have access to a more complete history of our town.

Please see our first set of interviews on our youtube channel.

Represent Los Gatos: Documents

Interview Release Form and Purpose & Scope