Complaint Procedures

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Per section 832.5 of the Penal code, all police departments in the State of California are required by law to have a process by which a citizen can make a complaint against police personnel. After we receive a citizen complaint, the department will send the complainant a letter acknowledging that we have received the complaint and will be reviewed by our command staff. An internal investigator may be assigned to investigate the complaint. The investigation will include interviews of any witnesses and involved employees as well as a review of any other relevant evidence.

It is important to provide specific information regarding the incident. It may be necessary to obtain permission to access confidential information related to the complaint. Upon completion of the investigation, the complaint will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for a final disposition and appropriate action.

If the investigation proves that the employee violated any laws or policies of the department, he/she may be subject to disciplinary action by the department. Any investigations that disclose potential criminal activity may be referred to the District Attorney for criminal prosecution.

The duration of each formal complaint will vary and can take a few days or months, depending on the complexity of the investigation.

How to file a Complaint:

A complaint can be made by telephone, mail, e-mail, or in person with the completion of our complaint form. This form can be found at our Police Administration Building or on our website by clicking here.

Anonymous and third-party complaints will be accepted. Every type of concern will be accepted and investigated, ranging from serious misconduct to issues that can be immediately addressed by the employee’s supervisor. All complaints are is considered a serious matter and an opportunity to review our services and strategies to improve overall performance. Therefore, the investigator will ask for a formal written statement detailing specific allegations.

What you will need:

  • Date/Time
  • Location of Occurrence
  • Department member name
  • Case number
  • Your Contact Information

Please provide as much of the information listed, if available, so a thorough investigation can be completed.

Complaint Findings:

The complainant will receive a written notification of completion and the finding of the investigation.  The release of specific details of an investigation of a peace officer wrongdoing is governed by state and federal guidelines.