Do you have a shoe box of photos in your closet that you would like to preserve? Can we help you digitize that family movie? The Los Gatos Library received a Pacific Library Partnership grant to help you preserve your memories. 

Our various conversion equipment can digitize the following formats:

1. VHS video tapes
2. Audio cassette tapes
3. Super 8 film reels
4. 8 mm film reels
5. Slide photos 
6. Photographs
7. Documents
8. Negatives
9. Camcorder tapes (Hi8/8mm and Mini DV tapes)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Gatos Library can take your items to digitize them in-house, in efforts to keep our patrons and staff safe at this time. Please note that we will not accept large requests as we have limited space; we will take a limited amount of items to start, and then subsequent requests can be made after each job is finished. 

We appreciate your understanding as we work to quickly and carefully digitize your materials, however the turn-around time may take longer as we prioritize other library operations first. Please FILL OUT THIS Form to get started today!

Once you fill out the form, a library staff member will contact you and give you further instructions. 

Got questions? Email us at for answers.