School Bus Pilot Service

The Town’s School Bus Pilot continues to School Year 2019/20. Bus Passes are going on sale on May 1. For details and to purchase your passes, please visit:

School Year 2019/20 service

The Town is offering the special End of School Year bus pass for $108. The rate becomes effective starting March 11 through the end of the school year 2018/2019. You may purchase the pass by first completing the Sign Up Form, then making a payment using links on Payment Page

SafeStop is a mobile app that allows parents, students and schools to securely pinpoint the location of a vehicle on its route to and from school. Customers are provided an access code to view the information. The SafeStop app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play, or visit

Questions and feedback? Need a replacement pass? Please fill out the Customer Feedback Form for the most timely response.

For customer service, bus arrival information or lost & found items call STA at 408-998-8275.

For additional questions please contact us via email at We look forward to hearing from you!