Automatic Renewals

Automatic Renewals

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is automatic renewal (auto-renewal)?

Physical items now renew automatically. Our computers check your account for eligible items and renew them on the original due date.

Which Library items automatically renew?

Most physical items checked out from the Library (books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs) are eligible for up to two auto-renewals.

Which Library items DO NOT automatically renew?

The following are not eligible for auto-renewal:

· Items that have reached their renewal limit

· Items someone else has requested to borrow (items with a hold)

· Downloadable and streaming materials (eBooks, eMagazines, eMovies, etc.)

· Bestseller DVDs and Bestseller Books

· Items checked out by the hour (laptops, game controllers, etc.)

· Book Club Kits

Can I opt out of auto-renewal?

Yes.  Please visit the library or call (408) 354-6891 to opt out of auto-renewals.

What if I still want to renew eligible items myself in My Account?

Please call the Library and we will manually renew your items for you.

How can I send a comment to the Library about the auto-renewal system? 

We welcome your feedback! You can email us at


How and when am I notified of an auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal notices are automatically sent via email. If you've provided an email address, you should be receiving notifications. If you're not for some reason, please contact us by calling (408) 354-6891.

As always, due dates of all borrowed library items (including auto-renewed items) are found in “My Account”.

What information is in an auto-renewal notification?

Emailed auto-renewal notifications include which items were and were NOT eligible for auto-renewal, and the due dates for each item.

What if I'm not receiving auto-renewal notifications via email?

Be sure you've provided a valid email address. If you've provided an email address, but still aren't getting auto-renewal notifications, please contact us by calling (408) 354-6891.

Will I still be notified when items NOT eligible for renewal are almost due?

Yes. Look for notification of these items as you normally would.