Bachman Park Project

This page has been created to provide regular updates to the residents about the progress of the Bachman Park Improvements Project.

The project has several components, including ADA upgrades funded through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, upgrades requested by residents and safety upgrades.

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Questions regarding the project should be e-mailed to the Project Manager Brett Stollenwerk at

Update 6-25-18

Lighting Upgrades: The contractor is preparing to start trenching for the new electrical conduit for the new lighting along the pathway.

Concrete Pathway Upgrades: The demolition of the existing asphalt concrete pathway is expected to begin after July 4th. Construction of new colored concrete pathway and new sidewalk along Bachman Avenue will begin shortly after the demolition work is complete and site is cleaned out.

Landscape Upgrades: The expected start date for landscaping upgrades will be determined once the pathway and sidewalk construction work get under way.

Update Posted 6/5/14

Construction Work Notice - June 4th

Update posted 3/26/18

The Town Council approved the project plans for the Bachman Park Rehabilitation project on March 20, 2018. Included in the Council’s approval was direction to relocate the proposed live oak trees further to the east to provide a larger unobstructed grass area on the southeast side of the park. Video of the meeting can be viewed here. The Council meeting PowerPoint is below:

Council Meeting Presentation on March 20th

Project Plans can be viewed here. Residents with questions regarding the meeting should contact the Project Manager, Brett Stollenwerk, at (408) 827-3553 or Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773.

Update posted 3/16/18

The final plans and specifications for the Bachman Park Rehabilitation project will be brought to the Town Council on March 20, 2018. The plans and specifications can be viewed here. The staff report to Council can be viewed here. As previously discussed at the Community Meeting held in November of last year, at the Council meeting in December 2017 and noted on the Bachman Park webpage, key components of the project will include:

  • Replacement of asphalt pathway with natural colored concrete (ADA compliant)
  • Placement of new natural colored concrete sidewalk along Bachman (#1 request from the residents at public meeting)
  • Replacement of failing block retaining walls with concrete retaining walls
  • Replacement of rusting 18’ high light poles with lower 12’ high light poles with dimmable LED lights
  • Reseeding of grass and filling of gopher holes in the southeast section of lawn area
  • Planting of new bushes and trees
  • Regrading around benches to address height issues

Community Development Grant Funds will be used for the construction of the pathway and sidewalk. These grant funds must be spent by fall of 2018 and used for accessible pathways and sidewalks in the park.

For questions regarding the project and upcoming discussion at the Town Council, please contact Lisa Petersen, Town Engineer, at (408) 399-5773.

Update posted 2/15/18 - (The preliminary plans have been removed from this update; Final plans can be viewed using link posted above)

Staff has designed preliminary plans for the Bachman Park Rehabilitation project for discussion with the Town Council. This discussion is anticipated to take place at the March 20, 2018 Town Council meeting. The preliminary plans can be viewed below and include the following Town Council approved design scope elements:

  • Park pathway accessibility upgrades and lighting upgrades
  • Replacement of failing retaining walls
  • Correct high bench problems
  • Ivy removal, reseeding and grading to fill gopher holes
  • Building a sidewalk on the Bachman side of the park
  • Landscape improvements such as planting trees and/or bushes

Staff will correct several of the other identified maintenance issues, such as the electrical panel/controller upgrades and repair of the rubber in the play area, with small maintenance contracts. PPW maintenance staff will directly address the additional resident maintenance concerns including grass and gofer holes in the park (not identified on the plans) as well as needed signage and general maintenance.

The Bachman Park Project Manager will be out of the office until March 12, 2018. If you have questions or comments regarding the plan, please send these to: or call (408) 399-5770

Update posted 1/26/18 - 

Staff attended the December 19, 2017 Town Council meeting to request approval of the Bachman Park design scope, including additive scope elements, if additional funding became available.  The final design scope elements approved by the Town Council included the following:

  • Park pathway accessibility upgrades and lighting upgrades
  • Replacement of failing retaining walls
  • Electrical panel/irrigation controller upgrades
  • Repair of rubber in the play area
  • Correct high bench problems
  • Ivy removal, reseeding and grading to fill gopher holes
  • Building a sidewalk on the Bachman side of the park
  • Landscape improvements such as planting trees and/or bushes (to also accomplish park barrier desires expressed by residents)

Staff is currently in the process of designing the project to include the Council approved scope elements.  It is anticipated that staff will return to the Town Council in March of 2018 for approval of the project plans and specifications and authorization to bid the project.  If the Council approves the plans and specifications and authorizes project bidding at that time, construction will start in late spring of 2018 and be completed by fall of 2018.

Questions regarding the project should be sent to Brett Stollenwerk, Project Manager, at

Update posted 12/14/17 - 

As noted during the recent Bachman Park public meeting, PPW staff will be discussing the Bachman Park Improvement project with the Town Council at the upcoming Council meeting on Tuesday, December 19th.  Staff will be requesting Council approval of specific project design scope elements. The Council report can be read here.  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm. 

For any questions regarding the project, please contact Lisa Petersen, Town Engineer, at (408) 399-5773

Bachman Park Community Meeting

PPW staff held a community meeting with Town residents on November 16th regarding proposed upgrades to Bachman Park.  Sixteen residents attended the meeting.  The meeting was scheduled to allow residents to provide input on future park upgrades.  The meeting was noticed two weeks before the event with door hangers placed on residences within a 300-foot radius of the park, through notices placed on A-frames at all park entrances, on the Town’s webpage and NextDoor and through the newly created Bachman Park webpage.

The Town Council approved the Bachman Park Improvement Project during the budget process.  The project has a total funding allocation of approximately $540,000, of which 60% are Town General funds and 40% are grant funds from the County’s Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG).  To receive the CDBG funds, the grant funding must be spent by the fall of 2018 and be used for construction of park pathway accessibility upgrades and lighting upgrades.   The total funding amount will cover design, construction, staffing, and contingency costs.

During the community meeting, staff emphasized the goal of the project was to maintain the charm of a local neighborhood park while providing some needed and community desired upgrades.  Staff provided a PowerPoint presentation that discussed the project background, grant required scope elements, optional scope items, and the schedule.  Following the presentation, staff asked residents for suggestions on additional upgrades, as funding may allow.  These suggestions were documented on a large easel board and residents were each provided with two stickers to mark the suggested upgrades they would give the highest priority.  The following is a list of these suggested park upgrades (with the number of residents who voted for each) that staff could include in the project.  Most likely, only a limited number of these suggested park upgrades can be included under the current project budget.

Suggested upgrades:

  1. Build a sidewalk on the Bachman Street side of the park – 6 votes
  2. Provide better garbage cans – 5 votes
  3. Provide landscaping improvements – 5 votes
  4. Repair the rubber in the play area – 2 votes
  5. Provide a barrier (chain) to prevent teen drivers into the park – 1 vote
  6. Remove the wall in the play area – 1 vote
  7. Provide a second basketball hoop – 1 vote
  8. Plant shrubs for a barrier at uphill side from basketball court – 1 vote
  9. Resurface/restripe basketball court – 0 votes
  10. Provide a new water fountain with bottle filling station – 0 votes
  11. Build a ADA path to the basketball court and benches – 0 votes

Additionally, residents at the meeting identified some desired maintenance work for the park such as cleaning out ivy, reseeding the lawn, filling holes, check existing lighting, filling in dirt worn down around benches, maintaining the water fountain and adding signs noting dogs should be on a leash.  Staff is anticipating requesting approval of the project design scope items and approval to move forward with the design plans at the December 19th Town Council meeting.