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About Holds
How to Place a Hold
Check the Status of your Hold/Managing Hold Requests


About Holds 

You can request any items that are owned by the library but are currently checked out, or that have been ordered by the library but are not yet available to be checked out.

Each library card can have up to 25 requests at one time.

All requests for materials owned by the Los Gatos Library are free.

If an item has more than one request, requests will be processed in the order they were placed (that is, “first-come, first-served”).  You can see how many requests a particular item has in the search results screen or in the page of information on the item itself. 

For Items not listed in the library catalog, you can contact any staff located on the Reference Desk to submit a Request for Purchase for you. 

How to Place Holds
If the material you wish to borrow is currently checked out, or has been ordered but has not arrived at the library, you can place a hold on the material(s). When the item you have requested becomes available, you will be notified via email, and the item will be held for you on the holds shelf at the library for 7 days. 

1. To place a Hold, you will need to access the library's online catalog and login using your library card number and PIN. Do not use spaces when entering your library card number. 

2. You can then use the search bar to find the material you are looking for by author, keyword, title, subject and more. 

3. Once you have located the material(s) you would like to place a hold on, select 'Request Item'.

4. A confirmation for the hold will pop up on the screen. Select 'Place Hold'. If you wish to place a hold on a specific copy, or you wish to add start and/or end dates to the specific hold, click 'Show more options'. 

5. A new screen will appear that is linked to your account, confirming that you are on the wait list. The priority number will tell you how long the line is, and in which place you are in. 

 6. The library will send a notification to the email we have on file, letting you know when the material is ready to be picked up. Items will only stay on the hold shelf for 7 days. 


Check the Status of Your Hold Requests/Managing Hold Requests

From the library's online catalog page, enter your library card number and PIN where prompted.
Here, you can check the status of your holds, after clicking on the 'Holds' tab. 

Here you can suspend holds (If you will not be available to pick up material you have requested, you can suspend requests so that they are inactive until later dates) or you can cancel holds that have not been made available for pick-up yet. Click the checkboxes to the left of the items which you want to make inactive. This is also the same place that you can resume any suspended holds.

You can cancel requests that are not yet available for pickup.  Once an item is being held for you please contact the circulation desk at (408) 354-6890 to cancel your request.