Pending Planning Projects Map

Search pending planning applications by street address or by map.


The information for projects includes a brief description, project planner, date filed, and status. Some projects include additional documents or plans for information only. 
* Directions for using the map are located below the map.

 For items scheduled public hearing, please visit Agendas AGENDAS & MINUTES page for more information.

How to use this map:

- Click on each map symbol to view the project information.
- To see the legend and to turn on/off layers, click ViewLayers icon at the top left corner of the map.
- To view this map in a full screen, click Full_view icon at the top right. This view opens a search function (search by project name or by address) as well.
- To share this map, click share_icon icon.
- To pan the map, left click, hold and drag.
- To zoom in/out, use the scroll wheel or click zoom_inout icon at the bottom right corner.