Council Policy Manual


Access and Retention of Video Recorded Council Meetings
Americans with Disabilities Notice on Town Agendas
Ancillary Office within a Multi-Use Business and Parking Calculations in the LM Zone (1-06)
Appointments and Memberships
Attic Policy
Code Compliance Standards (5-01)
Cellar Policy
Commission Appointments (2-11)
Community Benefit Policy - Rescinded by Resolution 2015-019
Complete Streets Policy (3-01)
Elected Official Travel and Expense Policy (2-03)
Flag Policy
GASB 54 Fund Balance Policy
General Fund Reserve Policy (4-03)
Height Pole and Netting Policy
Identity Theft Prevention
Investment Policy (4-02)
IRS Section 115 Pension Trust and California Employers' Retiree Benefit Trust (CERBT) Investment Policy(4-04)
Landscaping Policy
Legislative Policy (2-18)
Long Term Debt Policy (4-01)
Minor Alterations to Commercial Buildings
Naming Town-Owned Facilities
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy
Outdoor Seating Rules and Regulations (1-02)
Planning Commission Policies and Procedures (2-05)
Policy Statement Concerning Commendations and Proclamations
Late Night Entertainment Regulations (1-03)
Public Access to Council Decision Making
Public Use of Town Equipment and Signs 
Records Management Program (2-02)
Social Media Policy (2-16)
Solicitation and Donation Policy (2-17)
Standard Town Council Report Format
Street Pole Banners and Seasonal Decorations Affixed to Town Infrastructure and Located in the Public Right-of-Way (1-07)
Town Agenda Format and Rules (2-01)
Town Council Code of Conduct (2-4)
Town Facilities Use Policy (1-04)
Town Poet Laureate Selection Policy (2-06)

Town Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual

Town Vehicle and Equipment Acquisition and Replacement Policy (4-05)

 Transportation Impact Policy (1-08)