Shelley Katz, Los Gatos Library Board member, read “Revolution” by Jennifer Donnelly. Check out what she had to say:

 Describe the book in one sentence: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, paralleled ‘revolutions’, separated by several centuries yet, one’s drawn in by tragedy, intrigue and profound discovery of love.

Did you like the book? Loved the book... I was captivated by suspense and enjoyed the sprinkles of giddiness.

What surprised you? The book was different than expected because I was surprised by its detailed research of rich history and defined characters.

If someone enjoyed this book, they might also like.....If you were warmhearted by Revolution, you may be entertained by the historical drama,Restoration with actor Robert Downey Jr.

Lyn Dougherty, Los Gatos Library Board member, read The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan. Here's what she thought.

Describe the book in one sentence: This book is about magic, myth and relationships and should be read slowly, savoring every word, so wonderous is the imagery.

 How was it different than you expected? I didn’t know what to expect.

A reader might also like: The movie O Brother, Where Art Thou because of its similarity to the Greek classic The Odyssey with the Sirens who lure men with their seductiveness. (Also because George Clooney is fabulous in this movie.)

Kitty King, LGL Board Member read Flygirl by Sheri Smith. Here’s what she thought about it:

Describe the book in one sentence: At the start of WW11 and during the height of segregation, an African American girl leaves her southern community to join the WASP, with the added risk of passing for a young white woman who wants to be a pilot.

Did you like it? This book rates high on several counts and if I currently had a teen age daughter I would be delighted if she wanted to read it. Twenty year old Ida May struggles over the choices she has to make to be able to live in a white world. You could tell that it was written by a woman who knows what it was like to live with constrictions placed on blacks. I expect that this would be an education for today’s Los Gatos teens who would probably be rooting for Ida Mae to succeed.

How was it different than you expected? I was surprised that Ida May’s secret wasn’t exposed. Instead she succeeds and goes on to what we expect will be a career in ferrying planes during the war. Maybe the author has a sequel in mind.

Someone who loves this book might also like..... If someone likes this book they might want to follow Amelia (Rose) Earhart, a young pilot, who this summer, re­enacted and completed the historic around­the­world flight attempted by her namesake 70 years ago. Check her out on Google.

Tom Atkinson, Los Gatos Library Board member, read Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. Here’s what he had to say about it:

 Describe the book in one sentence: Two teenagers travel the USA from California to Connecticut in a random fashion.

Did you like the book? I loved this book for it's emotional depth.

What surprised you? I was surprised at how well written it was.

Anyone should love it for it's "feel good" nature and the fun graphics.