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Our CSO Intern Jessica read Teen Room Favorite Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  Here's her take:

Describe the book in one sentence
Cath is a college freshman enduring the awkward adjustment to dorm life, while juggling classes, boys, and her passion for fanfiction writing.

Did you like it?    Yes! I recommended the book to my sister once I finished it.

How was it different than you expected?   I did not expect to like the main character as much as I did. Cath’s social anxiety, initially, made me dislike her because she was negative about everything! Cath grew on me as I read, and by the end of the book I loved Cath as a character.

If someone liked this book, they would also like:
  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
 Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
We asked Chris Ota, to complete a Reverse Required Reading assignment.   He agreed, and took on Every Day by David Levithan.  Here's what he had to say about it:

Describe the book in a sentence:

Sixteen-year-old “A”, is a body-hopping spirit that takes over a body of a different sixteen-year-old each day, which is no big deal, until “A” falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon and has a hard time keeping a relationship with her since “A” is never the same person twice.

Did you like the book?

I really liked the book for the infinite possibilities of circumstances “A” could find “itself” in.  “A” could land in a boy or girl, any ethnicity, any sexual orientation, any level of mental health, any type of trouble a teen can face.  It’s kind of a big deal.

How was it different than you expected?

I thought Every Day was going to be a schmaltzy, romantic “chick-flick” book; a turn-off for male readers.  Boy was I surprised!  The more I read, the more I got sucked into the story and realized the plot and characters were not sentimentally derived dribble and that David Levithan is a skillful writer with a great voice for characters.  I was asking a ton of questions as I read.  Is “A” a male or female? How was “A” born?  Why is “A” like this?  The book builds and keeps interest and it is a fun read.

If someone likes this book, they might also like:

Fight Club by Chuck Palahnuik; Memento directed by Christopher Nolan; Being John Malkovich directed by Spike Jonze.

Greg Larson read Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi.   He's already come back for the sequel!  

Marcia Jensen read “The Sky is Everywhere” by Jandy Nelson. Here’s what she thought about it:

Describe the book in one sentence: While The Sky is Everywhere may at first seem to be a teen romance focusing on loss and love, it really is an exploration of growing into adulthood and out of one's self ­­ as experienced by teens, adults, parents, grandparents ­­ in short, everyone.

Did you like it? I really enjoyed the book. I especially enjoyed all of the references to classic literature, all of which I devoured as a teenager (and college English major), but unlike Lennie, I didn’t read Wuthering Heights 23 times, I read Pride and Prejudice, oh ­­ hundreds of times ­­ which I suppose means that I prefer “true love triumphs” to "tragic passion that goes unrequited until death." Interestingly, the author ultimately chose “true love triumphs” for her book as well. I also like the fact that familiarity with all of the literature chosen and referenced is assumed.

How was it different than you expected? Am I allowed to say it was much better than I expected?? I thought it was well­written and the characters and themes well­developed.

Someone who loves this book might also like..... If you like this book, you will like Pride and Prejudice, (book and BBC production with Colin Firth), Bridget Jones Diary (book and movie) ­­ maybe not Wuthering Heights. ;)

Our good friend Stephanie Massoud Pyka found time to read and review “Graceling” by Kristen Cashore for us, before she ships out to join the Navy.

Here’s what she thought: Describe the book in one sentence: A knights of the round table style adventure with some fantasy twists and a strong lead character.

Did you like the book? Yes!

How was it different than you expected? I expected something that had more fantasy or magic elements based on the cover, but the characters were fairly realistic.

If someone likes this book, they might also like.... Books: Hunger Games, Divergent, Lord of the Rings, Maximum Ride Series. Movies: Hanna