Social Media Policy @ LGL

Los Gatos Library is a department of the Town of Los Gatos,  

For the Town Of Los Gatos Social Media Policy please click here.

The Library's social media accounts are intended to serve as a means of communication between the public and department/office. Any comment submitted to this page and/or account and its list of fans, followers, (and/or likes) may be considered a public record that is subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

Los Gatos Library Social Media Commenting Policy:

This page and/or account is intended to serve as a means of communication between the public and the Town of Los Gatos.  Comments posted to this page and/or account will be monitored during regular Town business hours only.  The Town reserves the right to remove comments that include any of the following: language that is profane, discriminatory or sexual in nature, or threatens or defames any person or organization, or violates the legal ownership rights of another party, or supports or opposes political candidates or ballot measures, or encourages or promotes illegal activity, or solicits or promotes commercial services or products, or contains comments that are not topically related to the particular post being commented upon, or compromises the safety or security of the public, public systems, or Town employees.  Any content posted to the page and/or account is subject to public disclosure.